Native and Dynamic Ad Server

We are America's first 'America First' ad network. Telling, isn't it?


AdRevv’s Native and Dynamic Ad Netowork gives us full control over which ads are presented on our network websites, allowing us the ability to work exclusively with preferred “America First” advertisers, and provide them with maximum exposure within our activated network.

This best part about this for our advertisers is that we guarantee you’ll NEVER pay more than $0.50 (50 CENTS!) per click, regardless if your ads get 300 clicks, or 3 million – NO ONE ELSE in this market can do that!


Too Many America First influencers have chosen to bow to the woke mob, joining platforms like YouTube and TokTok where they have no choice but to self-censor if they plan on getting any sort of paycheck. Others resort to joining alt platforms like Rumble – where they report making virtually nothing.

Our Ad Server allows us to align your influencer business with the values of businesses that are eager to pay you to promote their products, especially because of that big, rebellious voice of yours.

Plus, we pay you almost 3x what our competitors pay because our costs are so low.

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 AdRevv is revolutionizing the way publishers manage their own content. 

By partnering with AdRevv, publishers are no longer bound to corporate ad companies that limit their freedom to say what they want to say. 

Our platform ensures that all ads served on your website are aligned with your business values, bringing in five times (or more) the revenue compared to Google or Jeeng ads. 

This new model of America First only advertisement not only allows for more financial gain for publishers, but also offers a level of autonomy and control over what’s being published on your website.