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Our mission is to help your business thrive!

We develop and deliver the best solutions for our client's needs

We are committed to building a common culture through all of our verticles and subsidiaries. The company’s core values are ones that can be universally embraced. Our company is built on 7 core values which are as follows:

1. Integrity, Trust, Respect and Professionalism
2. Profitability
3. Passion and Enthusiasm
4. Extraordinary Service
5. Team Work
6. Loyalty
7. Hard Work with Excellence

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”
– Michael Jordan, NBA GOAT

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Results Maximization



The Crew



Terry has had exceptional success, building multimillion-dollar businesses, first in manufacturing and more recently in publishing, advertising and social media. Terry has developed a formula which can optimize the RPM (value of each pageview) of a website better than anyone in the business. Typically increasing revenue by over 300% Terry’s formula and negotiating abilities with advertisers puts his clients among the highest earners per page view in the marketplace. After 35 years of high level contract negotiations with global corporations, no one knows more about digital monetization, from display and native, to video ads more than we do.



Mark Blatterfein is a master of social media messaging. Mark grew, owns and operates the largest Donald Trump fan Page on Facebook, “Donald Trump Is Our President” which boasts 3,277,000 fans. Mark’s total Facebook presence is over 5,000,000 fans. Mr. Blatterfein has the distribution network which helps us grow the brands of our talent. A Single live video on his 3.277 million Donald Trump fan Page consistently reaches in excess of 400,000 people. He has perfected the creation of hyper-engaging titles and images which are what drive actions on social media. Mark is also an expert on social media censorship and the legal issues which govern the ‘masters of the universe’ as the technocracy is often called. He has worked as informal counsel to attorneys handling some of the most prolific and high-profile social media court cases in the country and has earned a reputation as one of the most savvy and strategic minds in the industry.




Chelsea has worked as a digital marketing expert behind the curtains of some of conservative America’s largest influencers. Through her 12 years of extensive experience, she has learned the ins and out of traffic and web development, branding messaging, and digital ads management. Chelsea works closely with our influencers to ensure their goals are being met and uses her expertise to help our clients develop websites, courses, apps, group strategies, and marketing campaigns to help drive sustainable and scalable monetization for our influencers and advertisers.