Email Marketing Campaigns

Don't be a chump, ditch The chimp and let's team up.

Email is a major driver of traffic for our network. 

Our HUGE inventory of emails from conservatives who share our values, and our ability to speak directly and effectively to this specific audience, helps us reach hundreds of millions of Americans a month.

As a company that sends millions of emails a day, we know emails sends can be ridiculously expensive. That is why we built out our very own AdRevv email servers that allow us to send out a large amount of emails at a fraction of what it would cost to send through other email servers. 

Not to mention those companies are also known to remove and censor conservatives.

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We offer all of our AdRevv network partners access to our email marketing system, cutting their sending costs, in some cases, by more than three quarters!

Stop wasting your advertising dollars. 

Join us now.