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Lindsey Graham - Patriot Barbie

Public Speaker | Podcast Host | Published Author | Former Salon Owner

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Lindsey Graham is the Patriot Barbie – a loud, proud, pro-gun, pro-life, Jesus-loving, red-blooded conservative, Republican woman. She is a fierce voice for conservative women, a spitfire advocate for small business owners, an authentic patriot standing for American values.

Her story sounds like something out of a wild conspiracy theory novel – it couldn’t possibly have happened here in America… yet it did. Lindsey’s personal fight against the unreal woke agenda of the left brought her to the table of American political discourse, but the left couldn’t stomach what she had to say. She’s been deleted from social media platforms, censored and silenced by the media, and even defunded by GoFundMe. Liberal platforms worked double-overtime in an effort to shut down her conservative voice, but she’s still speaking. And she’s not stopping.


In 2020 when COVID-19 struck the nation, Lindsey Graham was the owner of the highly successful Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon. When the state of Oregon bashed business owners with unprecedented lockdowns and mandates, Graham and Glamour Salon became a pivotal player at the center of the argument against these unconstitutional measures. Her name and face were splashed all over major media outlet headlines, and her defiance sparked a national conversation about the rights of business owners in the face of egregious government overreach in the midst of the COVID-19 government-manufactured chaos.



When a liberal from her local area poked fun at Lindsey, mocking her as “The Patriot Barbie,” Lindsey jumped at the opportunity to flip the script and embrace the persona. Since then, Lindsey has been humbled at the outpouring of heartfelt support from patriots all across the country, praising her bravery, courage, and spirit. Her decision to do what was RIGHT in the face of threatening government overreach served as a catalyst for uniting Americans.


Lindsey has been featured on dozens of national, regional, and local news outlets. She’s had conversations with some of America’s most respected political hosts: Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, Lars Larson, Megyn Kelly, David J. Harris Jr., Sebastian Gorka, just to name a few. Despite cancel culture’s desperate attempts to suppress the details of her story, she continues to unapologetically share her message with news outlets and on her social media platforms in an effort to ensure that what happened to her business, family, and community will not ever happen again. Her experience is a warning bell for Americans – a glimpse at what could be if we fail to protect our God-given liberties and American freedoms.


Lindsey closed her landmark salon in Salem, Oregon. Of course, the cancel culture believes they “won” and ran her out of town. According to Lindsey, leaving Oregon with her family and restarting in a safe, welcoming place has been the biggest blessing of her life. Now in Arizona, Lindsey has forged a new career as a radio and podcast talk show host, political activist, and campaign event coordinator. 

SIDE NOTE: Apparently, the wildly liberal Oregon news media reporter Whitney Woodworth, who has been labeled a class B reporter in Salem, missed Lindsey so much that she attempted to follow her family to Arizona, slander her new business, and create a threatening environment in her new home. Ironically, Woodworth’s plans backfired and resulted in more support for Lindsey’s movement. It’s crystal clear that leftist media targets Lindsey, and it’s also evident that God’s ways are higher than ours, and continually turn bad into good.


God has protected Lindsey’s family, blessed their journey, and divinely inspired their path forward. Every ounce of the fight is fueled by faith in God and belief in America. Lindsey continues to fight for fellow Americans, their rights, and their upstanding values. She cannot be cancelled, and she will not be silenced.