Syndicated Radio Host | Author | Speaker | School Board Trustee

Influencer Profile

How did regular guy Joe Messina get into talk radio, find and grow his audience to more than 45K listeners an hour on 56-plus stations across the country?

Pretty much the same way he has done everything else, from his rough start as kid on the streets of blighted Boston neighborhood and driving cabs in L.A. through his years as an executive in Fortune 100 corporate America, [Regional Manager at Johnson Controls, Siemens, Microsoft, Amex] and more recently as a company-building entrepreneur and Trustee of the local school board.

Messina never expected or waited for anyone to give him anything. He decided what he wanted, figured out how to get it, and made it happen. With encouragement from his family (he and wife Tammy have four kids), friends and associates, Messina got into radio in 2010 to express and share his views about current events, politics and the culture wars with people in other communities. He built a broadcast studio, took to the airwaves and the Web, discovered he wasn’t alone, and engaged and built his community and sponsorships.

About the Joe Messina Show Format

In each broadcast, Joe draws from a world view informed by his relentless curiosity and search for truth — not the right side or the left side, but the REAL side — and by the depth and breadth of his personal and professional experience. Isn’t it time to get your listeners on “The Joe Messina Show” and let them join and engage with his loyal audience?

Joe deals with issues most “Old White” Conservatives won’t touch. Abortion, Racism, White_____ (fill in the blank) nothing is taboo.

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