Ross Duh Boss

Father | Husband | Patriot | Comedian| Podcast Host

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Ross Bennett is an entertainer who doubles as an entrepreneur, family man who got his start in comedy on Tiktok and then moved to Instagram. He believes that the Lord has raised him up so that he can be a voice of relief, logic and encouragement for everyone who has lost their direction.

He attended Bible college for 4 years in Kansas City before going to minister to young men out of prison and retrain them with better morals and principles to get their sentences dropped.

Later, he entered the corporate sales world and became top 1% in his company and broke records repeatedly. Ross got his official launch into entertainment in February of 2021, his ability to say exactly what the audience is thinking in a comedic yet undeniably logical way. His Tiktok gained over 450,000 followers in just the first 4 months (before he was squashed) which led to many awesome opportunities.

He has a loyal following and recently launched his own show called the “RossduhBoss Show”.