Craig Bushon

Proprietor at AmerICan | Public Speaker | Community Organizer | Sales Executive


Craig Bushon is coming back to the airways exclusively on SPREELY.TV. A former radio talk show host in Austin Texas and three-term Texas Republican club county president. Craig’s motto, “the truth is not hate speech” help pave the way for the tea party wave that began in 2009. Craig has been personally endorsed by senator Ted Cruz for his conservative Christian values, support of our veterans and his relentless protection of the United States of America. Craig believes, when a politician takes their sacred oath of office to defend the Constitution it should mean something and if they don’t, they should be held responsible.


 Also look for Craig’s launch of AmeriCan! AmeriCan a pro America membership movement for citizens who are interested in forming a stronger union. It’s been far too long that Americans who are honest hard working and love their country as they do their own families, have been so marginalized. The United States of America is a collective union of states, but more than that. It was established to be a collective union of people who understand the precious gift of liberty they inherited.