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In the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, David was distraught over the wide chasm that was forming between Americans. Black vs White, Right vs Left, Christianity vs secularism, etc. was tearing at the fabric of the Republic.

It was then that David decided he was going to do more than just worry or complain about the cancer-like polarization he was watching spread across the country he loved.

What came from this epiphany was what is today, the oldest anti-hate organization in the country. David organizes and participates in activities all across the country. is self-funded organization that aims to galvanize the country around the shared principles of a strong family unit, a belief in God and a respect for the Constitution of the United States of America.

David Sumrall is a Christian, a Carpenter, a Small Business Owner, an Activist, a Citizen Journalist, a documentary filmmaker of “Righting History,” founder of Stop Hate and, co-founder of the American Celebration Tour, and Creator and Host of Discussion Island.

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