Influencers and Content Creators


The role of the AdRevv/Spreely team is to sustainably monetize our influencer partner’s content. Censorship and rigid terms of service on legacy and corporate social media platforms make this task difficult, and because of that, we have created an entire network of platforms that provide sustainable business environments for some of America’s most outspoken influencers that have been otherwise canceled.


We began our relationship with opinion bloggers in the creation of our own sites, with the goal of bypassing riduculous “fact checks” and get the real news out to concerned citizens of the country. A handful of accomplished contributors helped us grow and became the impetus for AdRevv as it exists today. Today, we work with several high-profile publishers to help our influencers grow their brand reach in organic and meaningful ways, and help get them seen and heard by the masses resulting in a steady and evergrowing income.


As an influencer, we know how frustrating and uncertain things become when your income relies solely on current “thriving” social media platforms and starting over

Oftentimes, influencers get stuck in the cycle of moving to the next big platform in hopes that this will be their new short term get-rich-quick scheme. However, as we know, in the last several years it has become increasingly difficult to survive as an influencer that wants to speak TRUTH on any legacy platform. 

Many, if not, all, of the influencers we work with have had their (in some cases, massive) incomes ripped away from them overnight because they said something that wasn’t “allowed” on the platforms they loyally amassed millions of viewers and dedicated their businesses to.

At AdRevv, we build sustainable work environments for our outspoken clients using our own internal free speech platforms, most of which we embed into our influencers individual assets. 

We use the following assets to ensure their influencer business become untouchable by Big Tech and eliminate the need for our influencers to constantly start over:

  • Spreely.Video (alternative to Youtube) – Here, our clients get paid on a PPV basis at a rate much higher than our competitors, because unlike them, we are invested in our clients’ success.
  • Spreely.TV – A platform in which you can watch our clients LIVE on television (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV), online, or on their phones, and join the conversation with the host in real-time. Our clients get paid on a PPV basis for this platform as well.
  • – A secure donation platform (for our clients only) that can be used as a crowdfunding site for any cause they wish to raise money for, including legal battle donations, that will not be removed for any reason.
  • – The Spreely alternative to linktree. Many of our clients have been removed from platforms like linktree, so we created this as an alternative for our outspoken influencer clients.\


Get out of the cycle of just trying to survive on legacy platforms, and into the mindset of sustainability, steady growth, and SCALABILITY. We assign our clients sustainable wealth projects that help them not only build a solid foundation for their influencer businesses but help them add highly scalable assets to start pulling in automated cashflow.