Common Sense Ashley

Radio Host | Podcaster | Public Speaker | Small Business Owner | Former Political Candidate | Dog Fanatic


Born and raised California native, Ashley grew up in a family with conservative values. Her entrepreneurial parents taught the importance of how hard-work and integrity afforded their many successes.

However, self-employment isn’t for the faint at heart and with California laws, regulations and taxes as they are, Ashley was encouraged to forgo the family business and pursue a career within the government, maintaining a “if you can’t beat them, join them” type of thinking.

After graduating with a BA in Communication from Santa Clara University, Ashley’s career began in media sales. A few years later she jumped into a Silicon Valley start-up that flopped before finally landing that coveted “government job” within the California university system. Her job title was, “Fundraising Assistant” before moving up to, “Fundraising Assistant Director.”


For three years the art of cultivating successful alumni for donations, to perpetuate an educational system of blaring hypocrisies was enough to kick-start Ashley’s entrepreneurial DNA.

Her own business has been going strong for almost ten years and is no stranger to the CA restrictions her parents warned her to stay clear of. Such burdens actually led to Ashley’s political path where she ran for office hoping to change the course for future small business owners. It was on her campaign trail that “Common Sense Ashley” was born.

A weekly radio show followed her failed candidacy which later led to a nightly Spreely TV broadcast called The Rants of Izzo where she cohosts and talks about the blaring political decay that leaves her home state of California suffering. Ashley knows that common sense is subjective but she attempts to shine a light on solutions. She is also the host of her passion project called ‘Unstuck Media’, where she helps connect stuck-in-a-funk women with top-notch expert coaches.